ArduCopter-3.2.1 Beta Testing

ArduCopter 3.2.1-rc2 (release candidate #2) has completed beta testing and has been released as the official version available through the mission planner and other ground stations.

Changes from AC3.2 are listed below and in the ReleaseNotes:
1) Enhancements:
    a) reduced twitch when passing Spline waypoints
    b) Faster disarm after landing in Auto, Land, RTL
    c) Pixhawk LED turns green before arming only after GPS HDOP falls below 2.3 (only in flight modes requiring GPS)
2) Safety Features:
    a) Add desired descent rate check to reduce chance of false-positive on landing check
    b) improved MPU6k health monitoring and re-configuration in case of in-flight failure
    c) Rally point distance check reduced to 300m (reduces chance of RTL to far away forgotten Rally point)
    d) auto-disarm if vehicle is landed for 15seconds even in Auto, Guided, RTL, Circle
    e) fence breach while vehicle is landed causes vehicle to disarm (previously did RTL)
3) Bug Fixes:
    a) Check flight mode even when arming from GCS (previously it was possible to arm in RTL mode if arming was initiated from GCS)
    b) Send vehicle target destination in RTL, Guided (allows GCS to show where vehicle is flying to in these modes)
    c) PosHold wind compensation fix
    d) prevent infinite loop with do-jump commands pointing at each other
    e) pixhawk memory corruption fix when connecting via USB
    f) vehicle stops at fence's alt limit in Loiter, AltHold, PosHold (as it did in AC3.1.5)
    g) protect against multiple arming messages from GCS causing gyro calibratoin failure

Thanks to Raph for the video.  This is actually a video from AC3.2 until we have one specific to AC3.2.1.

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    • Developer


      I'm pretty sure it's standard behaviour that the vehicle won't disarm after landing until the pilot's throttle is lowered to minimum.  We're changing that for AC3.3 so it will disarm (in Auto, Land, RTL) as soon as it thinks it's landed but in AC3.2.1 (and previous versions) we have the low throttle requirement.

      • I kinda like the notion of manually disarming myself as opposed to 'thinking' it's landed.......

        • I prefer the low trottle too, It looks safer, If, for any reason, think's that is landed in the air, crash waranteed

          • Developer

            ok, desires noted!

            • I see no added safety on the throttle down for disarm, as the landed state brings the motors to very low anyways.

        • Developer

          Yes, although the vehicle already stops doing attitude control once it thinks it's landed so if the landing-detection fires prematurely it will flip over.  My point is that the only thing that bringing the throttle down does is disarm the motors, it doesn't actually add much safety at this point.

          The competing request that pulls towards removing the throttle check is that some people want to fly without a transmitter at all or with a transmitter with a sprung throttle attached but flying mostly from a tablet (guided mode, follow-me, etc).  In those situations we probably don't want to rely on the user bringing the throttle down to signal disarming.

  • I' try 3.2.1 today, it was a windy day, when take off moves on the pitch angle, stabilize and alt hold very smooth in wind but pos hold is not as stable as I wish, I couldn't find the correct params for this mode. I try land from pos hold in hover and now works well (3.2 i have false positive), I'm try from alt hold and works well too, only a litte fast for my flexible legs, jumps a little but not fall down, I'm going to try land again in a calm day from pos hold and report the results, thank's for fix it :) . I couldn't try anymore because of extreme wind.

    • Developer


      Thanks very much for testing!

      Ah, when you say "false positive" during landing you mean the motors don't slow-down after the vehicle lands right?  Probably better to say, "motors don't slow down" or something like that.  The "false positive" on the landing detector is actually the opposite.. where the vehicle thinks it's landed but it hasn't and it flips over and crashes.  This "false positive" is extremely rare.

      By the way, I don't think we've improved the landing detection for PosHold or AltHold.  Only RTL, Auto, Land modes have been improved.

      • I said false positive that, when I switch to land, copter think's that landed but it still in the air and stop motors in the air, if I don't change inmediatly to stabilize, the copter crashes, i have that issue in the two copters, I noticed that that's occur when the cuad is in pos hold,  not moving, when I switch to land, suddenly stops motors in the air (sorry my bad english, if very confused I try to explain again).

        What I do is choose ch7  switch to land mode

        (little fast is only a secondary comment nothing serious)

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