Arducopter 3.2 - tri tail servo not working

Dear All,

I have a tri setup, just downloaded the latest arducopter 3.2 code. However, the tail servo is not moving at all, ch7out is stuck @ 1517 (monitored in mission planner), which is roughly neutral. This is in mode Acro and stabilise. Additionally, I would expect a nudge when armed, but this does not happen either. I just upgraded the firmware yesterday  after a successful autotune with 3.1.5

I can not see anything specific in the parameter list related to yaw, except some new parameters which has been documented.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • A new feature of 3.2 is that the yaw servo doesn't activate when the throttle is down, even when armed. I think it's so you can disarm when on the ground without the rear blade pitching over.

    A welcome addition IMO.

    Hope it's just that, buddy ;)

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