Arducopter 3.X PID settings

Hey Guys

I would like to properly document the individual PID settings on the latest code, with a "plain English" explanation of what each parameter does. Partly for my own education (To be able to support the ones I sell), and to perhaps make a WIKI document for others to work from.

Is anyone willing to help me understand them? No guessers please, I need people in the know.

I have a basic understanding, and have tuned a few copters in my day, but I have SO many questions.

I may even decide to make a few howto videos and post them once I have a firmer grasp on things.

Thanx in advance


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Ben Sinnock left a comment on New Zealand DIY Drones Group
"Hi all, glad to be in the group. Apologies in advance but I have a great many questions."
6 hours ago
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Oct 13
Itzik Ronen left a comment on VTOL
"BiCopter center of gravity.
I saw a code came out for Bicopter.
How far can the center of gravity of the BiCpter VTOL QuadPlane motors line can be?"
Oct 5
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nick rymer left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"I recently switched laptops and now have Windows 10. I installed Mission Planner on my laptop and plugged a mRo SiK Telemetry Radio into the USB port. The radio is not recognized on the com ports but is instead on the "Other Devices" tab in Device…"
Aug 20