Arducopter flight 6 modes with 2 switches and with 5th channel only. Success.

Used this tutorial to make 6 modes possible to switch while flying: (im using only 5)

Er9x firmware trunk r-344 (ver1.4077-erez) (Date 19.03.2011)


Here's video how it works for me!! yeey! :)

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  • Hi, I am also trying to configure 6 flight modes on a pot dial on my flysky ft-i6. I realize it has no detention but I have marked dots along the dial to indicate where I need to be for each. Can any one think of any reason this won't work. It all works on the bench. Just haven't tried it in the air. The main reason being is I broke the lever on my 3-position switch, and don't want to wait for my new one to fly.

  • Great,

    If you try my firmware it will be easier, it work like a rotary switch and it display the mode's name on the screen (4 char).

    I use training switch (TRN) because it is a one position momentary switch so you can only roll up,

    but if you want both up and down roll you must change the 3 positions switch (flaperon) by a 3 positions momentary switch.



    And for those who want two rotary switches (eg: one for flaperons and the second for APM modes), I can easily add to the firmware (to select the rotary switch can be made ​​by another switch).

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