ArduCopter HEXA 3DR Electronics Kit


I am in the process of ordering the ArduCopter HEXA 3DR Electronics Kit.

What else is needed other than the HEXA 3DR Kit, Radio and Batteries to get this up and flying?

What are the recommended batteries?  for powering motors and electronics.

I already have a Spektrum DX7 radio with a AR6200 receiver

Have I missed anything else?

Thanks in advance

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  • It sure would be great if there were a different shipper available!

    I also had my batteries shipped from GROVER BEACH, CA on the same day as my Hexa 3DR kit and they showed up on monday.

    FedEx is saying their shipment id not going to be here till Thursday?!?

  • Hello All

    I am trying to order this today 03-22-2012.

    I emailed with these questions on Tuesday but I have never gotten an answer.

    I am trying to find out what else besides the kit do I need to make this all complete?

    Please any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!


  • 3D Robotics

    A 3600mah LiPo is a good fit. 

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