Dear Diydrone'ers,


I am having some problems with my Arducopter, I haven't had one succesfull flight so far. The current problem is that the right engine doesn't spin up when I put the stick to the right.

When I put my stick left, and right, only the left motor spins up. In the movie you see that the left one starts spinning up, but then the right one gives full trottle.

I hope my video will clarify the problem, And if you can give me a suggestion what might have been the problem. 

If someone has further questions, please let me know!

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Can you invert right and left ESC (connect the right one on the left APM output and vice versa).


If the problem is inverted, then you have a problem with your right ESC. If not, it is a problem with the APM, but it don't think it can be an APM problem.


Sounds like you need to calibrate your ESCs. The full Troubleshooting Guide is here

I have checked the cables, they are connected correctly to the APM. I have done some calibration for the ESC with its card. It are Turnigy Trust 45a.


The problem it that, no matter I go left or right on the controll, the left engine is spinning up.

Thank you for the link Chris, I already took the guide. I will try recalibrating again.

This is when I have the arducopter grounded:


The sensors are:

But when I move the arducopter all directions. The graph gets better:

For clairification; the first two graphs are when the arducopter has just booted, and is still laying on the ground. The last one is after some tilting to all directions with hand.


Can anyone confirm if these graphs are okay?

I have some progress. One of the switches was in the wrong position at the Arduino, I fixed this. Also the RX was wrong connected; when I increased trottle, I also altered the roll. Quite strange. I rewired the RX to the Arduino and it is ok now, I think, will do some additional tests tomorrow.

I have another problem; it is regarding the stabilization, when I alter to left, right it is OK. The correct motors are spinning up. But when I alter to front and back, the motors aren't increasing. When I do left-right I feel a counteract of the motors, when I do front-back I feels so much easier. Anyone any idea?


I have found it! I was confused about the configuration and calibration of the ESC. I have calibrated all the ESC's again and corrected the radio. Everything works quite well now! When I give moderate trottle, I can hold the Arducopter with one finger. But I don't dare to let the copter go, because I feel that the copter is drifting away.

Does anyone know how critical the leveling of the Arducopter is? Or could it be a miss calibration of the ESC's or something?

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