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    We are moving towards laser cut parts, magnetometer is included etc on new kits
  • Just out of interest what has changed in the new kit spec?
  • thank you very much for all three reply's, really appreciate the info. i will get on one of the buy lists and go from there. looking forward to this and hope its a great year for all of us.
  • well i guess you know something everyone else doesnt. checking stock last night and again today it still shows out of stock. i would also like to know if diy drones usa is going to carry the kits again, the 55 dollars shipping is kind of high in my mind.
  • I was wondering if there could be some info released about whats going on with the kits for the USA. been watching the changes going on with the stores and seeing how the arducopter kits have been pulled from diy drones usa im kind of wondering whats going on. which store are we supposed to order from.
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    Received my ArduCopter kit today!


    Wasting no time after receiving my kit I assembled my quad.  All pre-flight tests complete, awaiting its maiden flight.  I was a little surprised how small the arms are and how heavy it is.  I've got a feeling its not going to be as smooth and stable as my AR.Drone.

    I fitted some optional kit, sonar, XBee Pro 900, Spektrum telemetry module, 9 Channel DSM2 receiver + 2 external remote receivers.  I got rid of the bullet connectors on the motors and put Anderson Powerpoles. I found that the motor cables are a bit too long.

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    Oh waiting for the kit is killing me :-(


    It still hasn't shipped yet.

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    Has anyone actually been able to contact Fah Pah Electronics?


    I sent them a message via their web form a month ago, no reply

    I ordered the kit yesterday, and according to their store its $55 shipping by EMS, but I was charged $95 by the system (before anyone says but maybe it was $55 to US and I am in Australia, Australia is alot closer to Thailand than the US).

    I emailed yesterday directly ( and no reply.

    I called them today and the guy told me to send them an email, but the guy didn't know what the email address was.





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    looks like you were 6 hours too late :-(


    I had signed up for an email when the parts where in stock again, so thanks to my trusty iphone I was able to get a kit

  • Hi, Hai Tram

    where  you have ordered the kit i have saw on Fah Pah but is not available

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