Arducopter Level Procedure

I have a question about the level procedure:

Since my AP is not that easily removed from my frame, how perfectly square should I hold the 'copter in the various attitudes?

For example, when it says hold the APM on it's left side, is it important that I get it perfectly 90 degrees to the horizontal in both axes?  Or is as near as I can judge, good enough?

I obviously try to get it as close as possible, but I am bound to be a bit out.

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  • Hello, the perfect 90° is not really necessary. What is important is that it has to be still because during calibration it make a set of readings and if they differ a lot you could have bad calibration values.

    Also order of placement is not important, but it is important to place it on all 6 axes. This is why there are instructions, only to help remember what you should do.

    Hope this helps,


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