Arducopter not staying horizontal

Hi guys,i've been putting up an arductopter kit with magnetometer GPS and all loaded with an NG firmware.When i start the engines the back engine start way after the others and when I have my throttle at min and I incline it backwards the prop does not spin (while the front spin when i incline front , left/left right/right).When I increase throttle to take off in stable mode (X configuration) the copter basically does not stay horizontal, and ends up rolling a lot and crashing .I did recalibrate ESCs tens of times, adjusted all the values of magnetometer (it's activated) and accelerometers ... dunno where else to look for troubleshooting...any clues ?Thanks !

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  • official kit, accelerometer correctly and well balanced - well.. mostly (is that uber important ? I mean this should be compensated automatically right ?)

  • 3D Robotics

    This is an official ArduCopter kit?

  • is it well balanced?

    did you set the accelerometer correctly?

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