Arducopter powered from an outlet?

My Arducopter was just delivered by DHL and mother nature is also delivering four inches of the cold stuff at the same time.  This will be my first airborne RC (plenty of RC cars and boats) and my first time using LiPo batteries which I don't think I want to charge and use in my house for my first time and it's too cold outside.


As an alternative I'm thinking about hooking it up with an ac/dc adapter and plugging it into a house outlet.  Initially I'm not looking at long range flights but just working with the software to start flying small patterns.  These could be done in my workshop and the power cable could work as a tether in case I mess something up and the Arducopter tries heading for no man's land.


What sort of power would I need to provide if I were going this direction (I have some electric background but its far rustier than my software experience so I'd probably fry a supply if I tried calculating it on my own)?



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  • Excellent, thanks!
  • 12V DC min 15Amps (more is better ~ 20Amps would be good)
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