ArduCopter Quad v1.1

Hi all

i have arducopter Quad : V 1.1


The Mission Planer : V 1.0.90

im trying to fly and trying hover the quadcoper like crazily when i try to take off and fail down its like when the gyro set in more sensevety


i connect the quadcopter with Mission Planer (APM PLANNER)

Then go to (Configuration)  -----> AC2


then what should the normally Numbers ??

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  • Thank You ... Mike Pursifull

    Done now its fly great ... 

  • the props size 12x45

    the motors are pinning at Right way 2 right and 2 left

    but i did not understand The EEPROM what is that and where can i find it ??

  • Moderator

    I see you have 880Kv motors and long arms on an ArduCopter frame. What kind of props are you using? If you have then, I would recommend using the standard DIYDrone 12x45 or 10x45 props, at least to start with. 


    I do not have a quad like this, but I would bet that Jani has a recommended PID settings for this configuration. He is at 


    There are things you will want to know also... it is not always about PIDs. You might have a motor spinning the wrong way, or a prop on the wrong way for the motor, or you might have the ESCs attached differently from how they must be, or you might need to erase the EEPROM settings because of an upgrade. If you got this preassembled from jDrones, then it should be ok, but the props might still be reversed on accident.


    But after that, you should know about ESC calibration, and about "auto trim", which is holding the yaw to the right for 20 seconds, just like arming the motors. On a new quad, or after upgrades, I balance the Center of gravity, I set the quad for "level" by hanging it from a string, and holding yaw to the left for 15 seconds until the mission planner show the HUD as level, and I can see the arms are level. Then I use "auto trim" not just once, but about four times. Each time, I land, and I disarm the motor (yaw left for a few seconds) then I rotate the quad 90 degrees, and I auto trim and fly again, three more times.


    After that, it usually works very well, without PID tuning, if you have a standard frame (or Jani's recommended PIDs for your configuration) 


    But then you get to work on alt hold, sonar noise, and then making errors in the mission script ;)


    Its fun. Good luck! And make videos! If it work, then you are happy. If it crashes, then you can be happy.... in a few years. 

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