I plan on using the Arducopter (kit) with a bucket load of Radio signals, RC -- telemetry -- POV -- Pan Tilt control. I’m hoping that someone here may have recommendations for frequency's, and manufactures.

I’m thinking:

2.4GHz RC radio system for the flight controls (no idea what brand to go with.) looks like 7 channels are recommended.

2.4GHz for the wireless POV (already have this item, but willing to trade out.)

900MHz for the telemetry (60mW Xbee with wire antenna) also looking for recommendations for antenna type.

72MHz for the pan tilt (Hitec Neon SS 3channel system)

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Well, for starters, if you get the right main radio you don't need a second radio for pan-tilt. Get one with dials/sliders for at least two of the aux channels, and you can use them. ArduCopter really only needs 5 channels (although 6 are handy), so most 9Ch RC setups will work. If you're looking for a cheap one, the Turnigy 9Ch works well.
Yep like Chris said, 8+ channels gives most out of the whole system. If you get 7ch you will notice rather soon that you would like to have at least +1 channel more.

I'm using that Turnigy 9x radio with 2.4Ghz modules and it's great radio for this type of use. Have all normal 4 channels on sticks, 2 channels on switches to control flight modes and 2 channels on knobs to control camera or something else.

ArduCopter software has internal camera tilt/roll and pan/tilt compensation system build in.

If you have radio controller and video system on same frequency area, you might end up on problems with your radio range due excessive interference. So try to get video system that uses 1.3 Ghz or so... If you have 1.2Ghz video system it can also create interference due harmonic frequencies.
get as many channels as possible. You never know what the future holds.

Get the cheap and really great TH9X from hobbyking.com for about 60$ and 8-9 channels.

Get 5.8Ghz for FPV/video equipment: This one is really great and cheap: http://www.himodel.com/electric/FPV_5.8G_200mW_A_V_Transmitting_rec...

Can you list the programming values for the Turnigy 9x radio for use with arducopter. I am awaiting the arducopter kit, and would like to set up the 9x to use with it.
I have no idear. I guess if you just want to fly you don't need to change anything, because you just need 4 channels to fly the thing.

If you want to use the 3-way-switch you need to setup the mixer. I use a different firmware for my TH9x. For that I installed a permament 10 pin cable that will fit on my usb programmer.
You can find the firmware here: http://code.google.com/p/er9x/

If you flash this firmware I can tell you exactly what to change so you can use the 3-way-switch.

Where do you life? I wonder if I should get the whole package for 499 or just the electronics to put in my already build quadcopter with roxxy engines.
Nearly every gib package from outside of Germany will be hold up in customs. They will charge me 23% for tax(19%) and customs (4%). This is a lot of money.

How do you deal with customs?
Thanks for the information guys. I noticed the Turnigy 9 has 2 modes that can be purchased (currently backordered). I have poked around on the internet a bit but there does not seem to be a clear answer, and Hobbyking does not give a description so what the heck does the Mode (1,2) mean and what one goes with the quad project?
What are others using for the telemetry? the 900MHz or 2.4GHz?
you should google for the info.

But in short: Everybody uses Mode2. Mode1 got switched left and right stick.
Get the Mode2 and look for V.2

You can always buy a Mode 1 and swap it to Mode 2. If you search, you can find a quick guide for doing this.

I am an RC noob and was able to do it in 15 mins flat. Only thing that took any time was getting the tiny spring back on with my big bear paws.
Hi guys, I'm new in this world and i would try to build my arducopter but now I need help to chose my RC.
Someone know this one and can tell me how is?


I have read that the Turnigy 9ch is good but is always out of stock thus i'm try to chose the alternative.

PS. sorry for my bad english but it's not my language i'm italian :)
Hello Luigi,
Greetings from Germany.

The transmitter seems to be identical to the TH9X I have, as does the price.

So buy it. But I just don't see if it's Mode1 or Mode2.
I guess because Mode2 is more common it's this one.

Good luck with your copter.

Have you already build it?
Hi CyberCrash
thanks for your fast reply :).
No I'don't but a want start as soon as possible, i think to buy the ArduCopter Quad v1.0 KIT, Full Electronics.

If anyone have any advice is welcome :)
Hi isitus,

I'm also looking for a new radio.
If you have the money for it, take a look at Hitec Aurora 9
Computerised 9 channel, large touchscreen, best in class in it's price segment.
Otherwise the Specktrum Dx9 looks nice too.
I was tempted for a Futuba but i can't find anything to justify the price compared to the 2 others i mentioned.
Good luck in your search.


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