Arducopter rotating in loiter.

Yesterday I was doing a second flight with a new quadrotor frame and had a rather ok loiter for stock pid settings. For about 13 minutes loitering went very well but then the quadrotor started rotating in air and I had to bring it down manually. 

For some reason I see yaw input pulsating when I was not touching any levers of the RC control. As can be seen from the log, the yaw output is not as it looks like when I am actually controlling the quad. 

Could anyone help me tracking this problem down? I will have new long loiter test today, but I need to find out the reason for this kind of behavior. 

The frame is custom made foldable Carbon Fiber. Using Arducopter 2.8.1, 10Ah battery and AVROTO motors. 

2013-01-09 15-01 2.log

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  • As I have playing with PIDs today, it seems that setting Rate loiter P higher makes this problem go away. It seems even weirder than having the problem at first. 

    Last flight was about 20 min long and log file is attached. I tried to re-create the rotating motion without my input, but i saw only about 2-3 peaks that rotated the quad about 15' or so. Will try more soon. 

    2013-01-10 14-08 1.log

  • Also, this is the part that is extremely weird. The yaw in value makes no sense. 3692588424?profile=original

  • I got to re-create the problem. Again, when in loiter, arducopter seems to get input that makes it change yaw. The change is to same direction than last time and started from manually adjusting loiter position in roll. I did not see any change in manual flight however and neither in altitude hold. I am using futaba t9chp transmitter which should not have so weird glitches. 

    Any help would be very welcome. 

    2013-01-10 12-31 2.log

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