ArduCopter V2.8.1, 3DR Radio and HK GCS


I've looked through and don't see that my issue has been addressed.

I'm using the 3DR Radio modules with the Ardupilot Mega 2.5 and have had no issues connecting to the Mission Planner (57600).

For some reason I can't seem to get it to work with HK's GCS...

I have data being recieved (Serial Data tab) but almost every line is 'Unknown Message' and the GPS Type in the com port area flickers between 8 and 12% which I assume is pretty much nothing.

No useable data seems to be obtained through the link...

I have of course selected 'Ardupilot (Mavlink) in the configuration tab of HK's GCS and even tried ticking the 'Mavlink' boxes in the 3DR settings in the Mission Planner..

Any Ideas?? I'd love to get HK's GCS working.


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  • I gave up trying.
    My hexcopter runs arducopter with the 2.5 board without telemetry and I now use RVOSD5 with the RVGS and HKGS for my planes which is flawless and graphically has a far superior OSD.
  • Did you solve the problem?
    I am using APM 2 and same problem happened to me.
    Please if you have any suggestion let me know.
    Thank you.

  • So everyone using HK hasn't been able to upgrade AMP?

    Does this mean that if I go backwards then I could end up with issues and bugs which hadn't been addressed in that older version of Aducopter or is it just th mav element which is older?
  • Developer

    HK GCS uses Mavlink 0.9 and APM is now using Mavlink 1.0, and they are not binary compatible. Until HK is updated you would have to use a FW version of APM that is based on Mavlink0.9, but that quite an old version now.

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