Arducopter v3.0.1 Quad no beeps on Arm / Disarm

Hi All,

Could an Arducopter Ninja please help me out?  I have a Steadidrone Quad which I have just upgraded the firmware up to v3.0.1 Quad.  I have done all of the calibration to get it set up again, including the ESC automatic calibration. It seems fine now and I have no problem getting it to Arm/Dis-Arm and all of the motors seem to spin together.  I know the Arm/Disarm process is working as the LED goes to solid 'on' once armed, the throttle becomes active and the Mission Planner shows 'Armed/Disarmed' as appropriate.  Before I connected my APM to my computer I also had a 'double beep' which told me that the Quad was armed and a 'single beep' upon disarming.  My Quad still makes all of the appropriate start-up beeps.  

Can anyone please help me to bring the Arm/Disarm beeps back?  I have looked on the Wiki and here on the forum, but can't find anyone else with this problem.

My apologies if I am being a biff and this is a basic newbie oversight!



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  • Err, any thoughts at all?

  • Bumped to try to get a reply!  I have also noticed that I am not getting a GPS lock beep either.  Any thoughts?

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