Arducopter Waypoint Navigation question

First off, I'd like to say how awesome this community is. I'm new to UAVs and you all have been incredible helpful thus far. I just orderedAbout 75% of what I need to build an Arducopter quad, justWaiting on the frame and a fewOther items to restock again.I was wondering if there are any settings I need to adjust in the APM code to enable integration with HappyKillmore's GCS (using 900 MHz xbees). Also, I noticed that his GCS has enabled waypoint navigation but I read somewhere else that the current arducopter APM code does not support waypoint navigation yet. Does anyone know when this will become available?Thanks, Gian

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  • Thanks :)
  • current released code does not support this groundstation and waypoint navigation


    ACM code (which will be released in near future) will support this and many other GCS. It also supports waypoint navigation

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