Hi Guys,

I tumbled on a problem last night that made me think the whole day before writing this in forums.

What I am referring to is: Pure Wi-Fi control of Arducopter. Currently, the system supports Transmission and Reception via RC Txm/Rx. The Arducopter receives the PPM (many PWM) signals from Transmitter to control the quad. Sounds easy, isn't it?

Challenging thoughts

Now, Imagine, I am in an area of many routers, I have no Xbee, just my computer to control the quad and get back the video stream of data and position from quad. This is possible with AR.Drone.

1. Is there some provision with Arducopter to already do this?

2. If this can be made possible (which I suppose) we can, how do we do this? RaspBerry PI an option? But how do I convert to PWM signals to the Arducopter, the commands from my computer?

3. Why hasn't the open source given the implementation of this yet. Is it too hard? Has any one thought on these lines?

Please try to give as much explanation as possible. Thanks!

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There are WiFi receivers that will work with ArduCopter, such as this one. Very limited range, which is why they're not very popular. 

Thanks Chris,

I read through the details of this device. It says a max range of only ~100 meters for an aircraft. In this case, I believe the transmitter would be an Android based mobile phone.

I was thinking whether it would be possible on using raspberry PI by making it a wireless access point for Arducopter and interfacing it with the APM on Arducopter. This way the Arducopter would become wirelessly controlled and controlling this via our usual RC transmitter.

Looking for something smarter and stronger though! 

Yes, we'll be releasing a device like you describe in the next month or so. 

Hi Chris,

I am curious. Do you mean to say that with the device you are releasing, I will be able to use the RC Txm directly from ground station, and control the arducopter via Wi-Fi access points alone?


Did you find a solution Mr.  Shyam??? Thanks.

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