Hey, guys! I'm newbie here...

I bought the main board and his daughter for make the IMU for my Quadcopter:

1 x ArduIMU Sensor Board - Six Degrees of Freedom (Main)
2 x ArduIMU Sensor Board - Six Degrees of Freedom (Daughter)

So, I wanna make a control board with the Jordi's "ArduIMU+" parts on the same board with an ATMEGA8 or latter, attaching it to my Seeeduino. By that way, all the filter things will be processed by the second chip. The first problem is: looking at the diagram I don't identified what is the 741G3157DBVR chip. I wanna substitute it, because my board will don't use SMD components. In fact I will substitute all them to the "through role". Does somebody help me with it?

I'm doing the frame with Pu resin and carbon-fiber sticks. Until now it have 75g of weight. I'm very happy with the starting point. :)

Take a look at the ALBUM.

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Thank you so much for helping me with the chip! I will put it on the project, like you explained.
SMD is wonderful, isn't it? It's small and weightless. I will try it after. By now I don't have all the needed tools to work with them and also I think that it's hard to put them on prototyping boards.

About machining, my dad done it on the lathe. I'm designing the parts, and he is making the hard things. He done the job and sent that photos to me. He is the guy!

As soon as I get some progress, I'll post more pictures here.
Now, with all the red Pu resin bases for mounting the motors. :)
I created an album for registering and share all the steps:


The 741G3157DBVR is a single 1 to 2 multiplexor, also know as the 74ls157 or 74157, etc. But they normally come in 4.

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