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I've been enjoying DIY Drones for quite a while, but I think this is my first post.  Although I’ve been flying helicopters and quads for a few years and I’ve been doing embedded programming forever, I have only recently gotten into Arduinos.


Anyway, after a day addressing some issues with the Ublox set up, I have the ArduIMU w/magnetometer and GPS up and running.  Now, I would like to make the output be interrupt driven.  The schematic shows  D3 (INT1) going to the HP pins of the gyros, but I can't find where, in the ArduIMU code, that D3 is ever used.  Can someone please advise me whether or not the D3 pin is currently used?


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    We are not using the D3 pin, although it is routed on the board from D3 on the microcontroller to the High Pass reset pins on the gyros. The original board design had high pass filters on the gyro outputs, but has since been changed to not include those filters, so there is no purpose for the HP connection.

    I think you could use that pin if you do a little surgery to your board. You would want to disconnect it from the gyros otherwise your interrupt activity will mess up the gyro outputs.
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