Hi, guys!

I noticed, on the ArduIMU+ Demo, that the GyroX ( Pitch ) value seems to be inverted. I assembled it like manual explains (with all the chips
inside the "cube", with their top face pointing to the center of the
imaginary box, formed by the board walls).

When the AccelY increases quickly the output value, the GyroY does the same before return to the middle value.
But with the AccelX and GyroX the relation is inverse. The AccelX value rises but the GyroX value goes down, in the counter direction.

The GyroX is on the "ArduIMU 6DOF main board" (neighbor of ADXL335).

Is this the right reaction? If not, how can I invert that signal on the code?

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OK... guys! Isn't a bug.

I think that I discovered what happened. Seems that the pairs isn't "AccelX & GyroX" and "AccelY & GyroY".
The functions uses "AccelX & GyroY" and "AccelY & GyroX" to extract the measurement. So.. I swapped the pin numbers of GyroX and GyroY on the ADC.pde file. Now the reaction is right, fast and accurate. Except by the Yaw, because I don't have a GPS yet.

I'm learning about the 6DOF, with the modular boards connected to my Seeeduino, because my ArduIMU+ Board is in transit by UPS at this moment. But I'm happy to learn, by studying the codes. I think it's a good way for newbies like me.


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