Hi all,

I am trying to send sensor data from an Arduino to my PX4 and live transmit it via telemetry to my ground station. Hence I was wondering if anyone has some useful advice on how to do this and if so how I could implement Mavlink or I2C to do so or would you suggest having a second telemetry module directly connected to the Arduino board?

Thank you in advance

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What you're talking about is called a "companion computer" and both APM and PX4 require that it be running Linux (RaspberryPi or similar), which Arduino can't do. An easier process is to connect the sensors directly to Pixhawk. There are a lot supported. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-optional-hardware.html

Hi Chris, Thank you very much for clarifying this to me. Since I am already familiar with Arduinos I would like to use them with my sensors (also I already bought some sensors designed for Arduino). Therefore I was wondering if you know if it is possible to use 2x 3DR telemetry modules 433MHz (1 PX4 and 1 Arduino) at the same time without causing any interference between them?

You have to assign them different channel numbers and you should mount them as far apart as possible

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