Arduino Iridium??

Arduino Iridium??

            I am beginning work on a project that would email location and status of a small robot via an iridium 9603 SBD modem. I am locked into using an iridium modem because I truly need worldwide coverage. I would love to accomplish this project using an Arduino controller. Any thoughts? Is somebody already doing this? Glad to share what I have when I get it.

Andrew Billings

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  • I've been thinking about getting a RockBLOCK Naked, Make magazine managed to get it connected to Arduino and I think it won't be too difficult to get it to work with my APM.

    • I built a self-contained Iridium 9603 that integrates a u-blox max-7 GPS module along with a 32-bit Cortex-M4 process.  I've got some block diagrams and picture here:

  • Hi guys,

    I am also interested in this. Have you already actually connected Arduplane (or Arducopter,etc) to the Mission Planner software through Iridium (even if only on table-top setup)? Is there considerable lag? How does the Arificial Horizom, for instance, behave?



  • I am also into this. I am using an SBD02 which will connect to the USB serial port of my APM2. We are now doing the table top setup before trying actual flight. The modems are set to 19200 bps.


    Jerome Lacap

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