Thanks in advance.

so I'm building a flight controller with a arduino mega and its coming along nicely but i have run into a wall and wonder is someone could lend a hand as i've research for days on in and nothing has fixed my issue

First off the Build  

Frame : S500 PCB quadcopter kit       W = 416 grams

Motor  : 4x 920Kv 2212 brushless       W = 60   grams  x 4 = 240 grams

ESC    : 4x 30A simonk   peak = 40A  W = 20   grams   x 4 = 80  grams

              BEC: 5v/3A                              

Propeller: 10 x 4.5    

Battery:    2700mah 3s LiPo  11.1V 25C with 50C burst W = 196 grams   

arduino mega:  W 37grams

Total Flight weight: 969 

issues and what i know

i know my props are positioned right and ive calibrated each esc manually.

but for some reason i can get off the ground not even at full throttle. it usually just flips over. 

could anyone shine some light on the problem or tell me if i have enough power to fly what i have on it 


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