I have an ardupilot 2.5.1 that I.was under the impression that.the esc.would power the.board. well.it doesn't so can I use The power supply connector.from.the store on here for like 25$. I am on phone so this may look odd.

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Yes, your ESC can power the board. Just make sure the JP1 jumper is on if you want to use that. But the Power Module will do a better job (more reliable power, plus it includes voltage/current sensing).

(This in the manual here)

The ESC will power the APM if JP1 is installed.  In the drawing below, JP1 connects the bus highlighted in orangeto the bus highlighted in red.

Thank you guys so much.. I really apriceate the information. I look more at it when I get home... starting the new years fun.

Ok so i changed the jumper and no i am having some issues.. I plugged in the usb tot he computer and to the 2.5.1 ardupilot board. i then started and opened the mission planner software and calibrated the radio for inputs for throttle and so on. Well i disconnected everything. I powered up the radio and then the hexa. I have a dim green light on the d8r-xp receiver on the hexa but i have a combo red orange flashing light on the back of the radio. Same as when i did the calibration. I have alot of flashing lights on the ardupilot 2.5.1 board but i have no output to the copter. The radio will beep about every 4 seconds and one of the motors beep about every 5 seconds? Any ideas. i can post videos or pictures if needed.

I have flashing blue and red led on board and then i also have flashing rx and tx yellow on board.

I don't know why the radio would beep unless you turned it on with the throttle not full off.  The ESC's will beep periodically if they aren't connected to the APM correctly.  I would not mount the props yet, you still need to verify some connections.  You can bypass the APM by plugging the ESC into the receiver (throttle) and see if you can get the motor to spin up.  If not, re-do the radio calibration.

Ok when i connect direcly to the frsky d8r-xp receiver the motor beeps fast. I plugged in the esc into input 1 on the receiver and the motor beeps fast with no control. When i unplug it the motor stops beeping. I also tried input 1-8 just to be sure. Same on all.

here are a couple pics and a video of it hooked up to the usb with the led lights.

This is alos the receiver and the radio i am using. The turnagy radio has the DIY frsky module inside



here is a video of the leds



The esc never beeped before after they did the first couple beeps when it was powered up but i never had any type of output or control with he radio.

I'm out of ideas - you've reached my limits of knowledge.

In your video the LED's look normal.  The TX/RX leds mean that the APM is communicating with the PC over the USB port.

The blinking red LED means that your ESC's aren't armed.

The blinking blue LED on your GPS means it has lock.

ok now the led are exactly the same when hooked up to all the esc. and been doing a little more testing. When i hook up the receiver the GPS never locks. AS soon as i unhook it the Ardupilot 2.5.1 restarts and it will lock. So i am not sure where to go at this point.

Sounds like a defective receiver. If so, that's the third defective frsky that's been reported in the past week.

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