Hello good people.Anyone know where to find the schematic / circuit diagram for the old 3DR ArduPilot 2.5.4 (sold as 2.6)?I have blown the 3.3v reg (a while back now), just got around to doing the repair and now want to test everything to ensure nothing else was damaged.Without a trace for the tracks and understanding what goes where this will be hard for me.Ok-laThanksTeddy

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  • I tried looking in my repository of schematics but couldn’t find one for version  2.5.4.  I  think  it  might  be  very  difficult  for  you  to  find  the  3DR  schematics  for  any particular version. Since the power circuit or voltage regulators are not a very common change across various versions, you can try to find the circuit for any version and compare the circuit with the one you have just to verify.




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