Hi, I have a strange thing going on with my drone that I need some help with. First let me say that I am new and don't know the technical information so please be forgiving of me for my lack of knowledge. For lack of better terms when taking off my drone seems like it wants to turn over. It doesn't really violently flip over it is just acting like it is upside down. I have a ardupilot 2.6 which I have carefully configured several times but I am not certain about the connections of the wires to the inputs. All seems to work ok. The board that the wires from the props does not seem to have any directional arrows on it but I have read that it has a forward and a backwards along with an upside down and right side up. Please guide me if you can in the most nontechnical way to help me fix this.

One thing here I should point out is that I have read previous discussions on this and tried all the troubleshooting techniques. None of those have resolved the problem. I am just not sure how to figure out what the problem is and the corrective steps that are needed.

Thank you to anyone that responds with your tips.

Dr. John Crunk

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I forgot to mention, this is the drone I have. It didn't come with instructions so I am really hurting for information.


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