hello evrybody, tested GPXemulator.exe and code ardupilot 2.5.I wanted to give the responsability the code ardupilot 2.5 to test a simulation with GPSemulator.exe and in the windows "status" I does not communicate with the program.

when I the version Ardupilot easyglider246 puts, GPSemulator.exe functions well.

I put 5 well to be on simulation.

is necessary it to change another thing?

@ +






// Airframe settings
#define GPS_PROTOCOL 5 // 0 = NMEA, 1=SIRF, 2=uBlox, 3 = IMU, 5 = Simulated GPS mode (Debug)
#define REVERSE_ROLL 1 //To reverse servo roll, PUT -1 to invert it!!!

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gps sim is a completely internal simulator. You don't need the external one.
You can send it commands from the serial window. !!h|1 will set you home location and get the sim rolling along.

The other sim is great for faking out a ublox or 406. Just pick which gps you want and run the sim on your PC.

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