Ardupilot for RC boat navigation


I started "playing" with RC boats and it's fascinate me to be able to navigate the model by autopilot.

the most popular and user friendly to my understanding (which is not very wide in this area) is the Ardupilot.

what I'd like to have is an Autopilot which will make the model follow a planned route with waypoints.  no stabilization is needed and I want to control the course and speed.

quite a long time I'm trying to read and understand what hardware I need? how to connect it? how to upload the software? what software? etc.

can someone help with a step by step instructions for that?




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  • Hi Dani!

    I used the Ardupilot legacy for my project. It is working quite well and the price is really good. And for a boat only the gps is really needed.

    Do you want to build your own or an already working boat?

  • 3D Robotics

    Please see the ArduBoat code/manual here.

    A universal autopilot system for ArduPilotMega. Contribute to arktools/ardupilotone development by creating an account on GitHub.
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