ArduPilot Mega code for bicopters



Somone graciously loaned me his ArduPilot Mega to try out on my bicopters, and I've managed to modify the APM 1.02 (airplane) code so that the board emmulates my gyro/mixer module.  I haven't flown with it yet, but I imagine that - with the adjustable PID values about the 3 axes - it will be a big improvement.


However, I'm pretty sure this will be as far as I can go this way.  For things like drift correction, GPS-hold etc., adapting the ArducopterNG code would be far more desirable - and easier.  The only problem is that the Configurator doesn't yet handle bicopters.


Is it somehow possible to bypass the configurator .... or get access to the Configurator code so that it itself could be modified for bicopters?  Or would the creators (I don't know who they are) be willing to include this type?


Any help will be much appreciated.


Oh, btw, here is the configuration for bicopters:

  • two laterally displaced counter-rotating props + two tilt servos
  • pitch control is by tilting the props collectively fore and aft
  • yaw control by differential prop tilting
  • roll is by differential prop speeds




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  • you don't need configurator

    it's not really supported anymore, the code is available here

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