Ardupilot Mega RC output pins not working


I have an issue with the Ardupilot Mega RC output pins not working. This is a reoccurring issue on a few of my boards.


I have tested one working Ardupilot Mega (older version no version number) controlling a servo, but when I transfer the code to the Ardupilot Mega (v1.4) the servo does not respond.


Test code for a UBLOX GPS and serial communication to the computer were successful. I think the problem is isolated to the RC outputs.


I have spent a lot of time looking through forums and doing searches. I have found a few that also have this issue but I never saw a solution for myself.

Can anyone help me determine where the error is coming from?




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  • Hello Zahid,

            I'm also facing a similar kind of problem not with the RC output pins, but with RC input pins. It was working before but suddenly it stopped responding.

            I ran the basic APM_RC library file, there this loop is not executed ""(if (APM_RC.GetState() == 1))"", i'm not sure whether it is an hardware issue or from software!!!!

            RC pin posses high resistance still.

    Board which i'm working : ArduPilot Mega 1280 v1.4

    Thanks in advance..

  • Figured it and this is how I debugged it:


    First checked it that the signal was coming through the RC output signals with an oscilliscope.


    I was suprised it the signal was there, so I connected the servo signal to the rc output and the power on a seperate 5V line. The servo worked in this setup. The power rail was coming in at 2.7V.


    I connected the esc with a lipo battery like you are suppose to and everything was working properly. I read that people were able to drive 2 servos from there usb but this was my faulty assumption.


    What is really weird is that I tested this setup with an older version of the ardupilot mega board (no version number) and it worked fine. The new one (v1.4) must have different power consumption requirements.

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