For those of us who watch flitetest ( we are aware that they are now asking the viewers what they would like to see. I think that they do some really great reviews and informational videos. If they were to do a series on the ArduPilot I would image that it will be fantastic. Comment on this post and ask 3D Robotics if  it would be possible for them to send an APM on over for reviewing.

And if you have never seen flitetest I highly recommend it. You can watch all the videos at  and it is all free

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Sure, we'd be happy to send an APM 2.5 for review. Who should we contact there?

There is a contact part on their website ( I believe that is where to contact them.  Thanks very much. I can't wait to see the review

Awesome!  I can't wait to see the flitetest review.

Hehe, i am really looking forward to this. The apm will fill 10 episodes at ease. Not knowing a kk board i think the apm is a little more complicated :) :). They will struggle to put it in a few episodes, and john doe asking the questions.....


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