Ardupilot with ground station and camera

Hi all i would like to set up ground station with camera zooming capability since i was short of uart's so the better option will be this one what do you think.... will it make the solution ... I have already got all this stuff but wants to verify before proceeding.... Please intimate if any better option than this .

camera zoom.bmp

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  • Hi,

    OK...extra UART sounds good, as we can upload via the xbee, my camera systems use rs232 ( or a closer visca approximation) to the Sony block FCB-EX cameras. i didnt want to put another tx on the aircraft if the xbees are Tx'ing down then there is no reason wh ywe shouldnt Tx'up.....

    So just to clarify, on the ardustation....we can split the data to the station & the Laptop at the same time (downstream)as teh pins are already there, we can use the Uart to Tx info up to the aircraft, (upstream) and deal with it that end to control..(in our case rs232 to control the camera functions) about a 1000 last time i read the 1" thick instruction manual......

    Looking forward also to having a play with the tracker......was on teh agenda for later anyway...a way to do that....

    well done guys....

    I think allot of the success is down to ignorance is bliss, do as instructed and fight out the errors later, once i did that ,all became clear....had our 12th successfull flight today, including an assisted landing......keep at it...AND GET A 'Z' will really help you!!!!


  • 3D Robotics
    Our ArduStation is designed to allow this. It's got the ports already set up. Optimized for camera or antenna tracking of the airborne UAV.
  • What type of camera are you using?
    I have made a camera trigger using a spare ardupilot board that can zoom in/out and take pictures with one spare R/C channel. The only limitation is the camera needs to be a Cannon that can run CHDK.
  • HI,

    Dont know if "great minds think alike" or "fools rarely differ" ! but i was in the process of trying this very thing....

    In my case its xbee pros, however, i wonder if its possible to piggy back the Xbee at the GCS end so that it will read data coming in and pass it to the Ardustation & the Laptop?

    I reckon what you state above is possible but i wonder if out fearless leaders (chris/jordi) have a view on this?


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