Hi All,

I Have a question abouth the 3 micros the system has, can somebody explain which micro does what

in the whole system ? I know the mega has 2 micros  and the IMU has 1, correct ?

I would like to know what they do an how they comunicate between them. For example, if I want to

change the xbee and use another hardware, what micro must I modify ? Is the software of the 3 micros

public ?

Sorry if this is explained somewhere, but I didn't found it and I like to know how things work.

BTW Ardupilot-Mega is out of stock, sb knows until when ?


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I sent sparkfun an email a while back and they anticipate having the ICs they need come in early september and will be ready to sell more boards a few weeks later (their words not mine)
Please correct the English in your discussion. 'Doubt' implies you know what you are doing and believe the hardware has serious limitations.
All the software and hardware is opensource if that's what you're asking.
If I understand your message (which I am not sure I do) the information you want is below.
The 1280 on the ArduPilot Mega board is the main processor and handles all of the autopilot duties from return to launch to stabilise, from automatic waypoint navigation to fly by wire.
The 328 on the ArduPilot Mega board is the failsafe system which allows you to reboot the 1280 and (hopefully) stop your plane hitting the floor at a high speed.
As I know there is no processor on the IMU board but there are ADCs, accelerometers and FTDI ICs which may look that way. I'm sure someone can confirm or deny this.

As for finding out how they communicate and what to modify you need to download the Arduino IDE and get the program code. If you are unable to work out roughly where to start once you have looked through the code then modification of the code will be dangerous to your model (as it will fly like a stone).
Using other communication hardware is done by connections and all you have to do is ask whether someone else has used the same as you want to do.
All software for the ArduPilot Mega is open source so you can download and do what you wish to it.

Suppliers are having problems and so manufacturing is a little behind.
APM will be in stock next week.

There are two microprocessors. Typically users will only program one of them: the bigger Atmega1280. The smaller one, an Atmega328, come preprogrammed and is typically a "black box" that you don't touch. (Experts can modify it if they want, however)
Hi Chris,

thank you that's what I wanted to know, all software is available (even the black box).
Sorry john,

I am not English and didn't know that word could mean what you say, obviously "question" is a better word here.

Not by me, but the topic has been change, so it's done. Thank's

Hi Ritchie,

yes that's what I was asking for, so from what you say I understand tha

the 1280 does all the "hard" job, the 328 the failsafe and the IMU is an interface between the periferals and the

1280, correct ?


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