Hello everyone,


I've upload the last arduPirate code in my board (r627 with USB),

and I configure the code to run with XBee ( so VID and speed are OK)

everything's good ! CLI command works with Xbee. 

I can do some accel and magneto calibration test.


I wonder if it's possible to upload the new code in my board without USB cable ?

(for example I disable the sonar in the code, and I just want to re-upload the code into the board)

Maybe I do something wrong ? 


However, I've tested this code on my hexa-copter, and not all the motors run went I put some throttle... It's weird and random... I'll re-upload the code... but maybe I missed something BIG...


Could you guide me ?







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  • It seems totally normal that I can't upload code in the board with XBEE :) !

    Thanks for answering me on the chat !

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Aug 25