ArduPlane 2.32 released

I've just released ArduPlane 2.32

This is a minor update with 2 changes:

  • added a new MANUAL_LEVEL option which has been asked for by several users
  • add noise resilience to the automatic compass offset learning

The new MANUAL_LEVEL option is a boolean option. If set to zero (which is the default) then the existing behaviour of doing automatic accelerometer calibration on every boot is used.

If you set MANUAL_LEVEL to 1 then it won't calibrate the accelerometers on boot and will instead use the values from the last time it did a calibration. The idea is that you get a good level once, then set MANUAL_LEVEL to 1. You can then redo the level using the mission planner or another ground station, or by setting MANUAL_LEVEL to 0 and restarting.

The compass learning change is based on feedback from the last release where noise in the magnetometer caused the learning to be quite bad for some people. The automatic offset learning should now be robust to quite large amounts of magnetic noise.

Happy flying!

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  • I have double checked this issue.


    Went back to 2.28

    Everything was fine wit this version. When i turned it 90° it really showed 90°.

    But than i uploaded 2.32 again, and did the same, and it  showed around 60°!


    So. There is a dead zone for sure.


     I was thinking, might be i am missing something. 

    Am i? 

  • I had working 2.28 version, I updated newest Mission Planner:

    Flight data worked then, but after 2.32 firmware update Flight data is lost, and eg. stabilize don't work anymore.

    I had similar symtoms before 2.25 versions. 

    I have APM 1, 128 version.

    Trying to compile 2.28 version by hand now

  • When i rotate my APM it never shows 90° It is ok til 60°.

    Do you know why is that?

    There must be a reason. :)

  • if´ve just finished my Twinstar with the APM2 Board. (not flying jet)

    So i do not know where to finde the option of the  MANUAL_LEVEL.

    Please could you explain where i can finde the Option and how to set it to 1 or 0?

    many thanks

  • T3


    Regarding the accuracy of GPS altitude, there are a couple of techniques we use in MatrixPilot to improve altitude performance.

    1. We deliberately delay initialization until 20 seconds after GPS reports a valid nav solution. GPS accuracy improves quite a bit in that time.

    2. We offer the option of specifying the altitude of the flying field. This takes advantage of the fact that the GPS accuracy improves with time. And the way to determine the altitude of the flying field is to record the GPS altitude at the end of a long flight.

    Best regards,


  • Is the hard and/or soft iron calibration just based on default values or how is this accomplished?

    I just ordered an APM2 and am curious if it comes with good default values for calibration or if there's a bit of calibrating required?

  • is this only for the APM 2

  • Thank you Andrew and Bill!  It solved my previous compass problem and the rest of the parameters seem very steady as well.

  • T3

    Hi Tridge,

    I am glad to hear that in flight magnetometer offset learning is now working well enough for you to release it. I enjoyed working with you on it.

    If anyone is interested, the basics of the new algorithm are described here.

    Best regards,

    Bill Premerlani

  • Great news!

    Manual level was the first on my wish list. :) 




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