ArduPlane 2.34 released

We've just released ArduPlane 2.34

This release includes one very important update for APM2 users, and a few other minor updates.

The main reason for the release is to fix a bug in the scaling of the MPU6000 accelerometers. We discovered that the MPU6000 on the most recently shipped APM2 boards had different accelerometer scaling than earlier boards. This resulted in bad attitude calculations which would get worse during flight (as the DCM code interpreted the conflicting information between the gyroscope and accelerometers as gyro drift). We now query the product ID of the MPU6000 on startup, and fix the scaling according to whether it is a RevC or RevD version of the chip.

If you use an APM2 with ArduPlane then it is strongly recommended that you update to the 2.34 release.

Other less critical changes in this release include:

  • fixes for building ArduPlane with the MAVLink 1.0 protocol (we currently use the 0.9 protocol). In a future release this will be the default once all other components are ready
  • expose a new parameter AHRS_YAW_P to control how fast the compass controls the heading. The default is 0.2, which should be good for most users (this was mostly added for ArduCopter users)
  • fixed the reporting of the raw servo output value in the MAVLink logs. Previously if you uses a mission element to set a servo value (for example, for a bottle drop) the log would not reflect the servo change. The logged value is now obtained directly from the servo library so will always be accurate
  • changed the default I terms for navigation roll and pitch to 0.1. It is very common to need a small I value for navigation, so a 0.1 default is better than 0
  • make it possible to use UART2 for Telemetry. The APM2 has a otherwise unused UART2 port, which you can connect to the telemetry connector via a solder bridge. This adds a TELEMETRY_UART2 build option to configure the code to use this port. This is mostly useful if you have an onboard computer connecting to the APM2 via USB at the same time as you connect a radio to the telemetry port, and you want both telemetry streams active

Happy flying!

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  • Today my APM1 made 24000 log!

    Was also unreliable. Like did not want to react for failsafe.

    For next takeoff when i switched to RTL the plane pitched down and rolled over almost crashed.

    What does it means?

    A do not trust in my autopilot anymore. :(

    Please help me! 

  • Also got a question! :)


    Is it possible to make APM mix a little rudder to throttle?

    It is very important!

    THX! :) 

  • Hi guys,

    Since firmware 2.34 I cannot connect to my APM2 through APC220.

    I get a "Connection timeout" and there seems to be one frame of data being sent. The status info (attitude, gps etc) of that single communications burst is being displayed in APM planner (both 1.1.52 and 1.1.88) and then there is no refresh anymore. I had good communication with fw 2.33.

    Please help me out.

  • Can someone provide a short description with a photo (if possible) of how I should configure the solder bridge on APM2 (V2.4.1) to use UART2 for telemetry? Also if one does so do you lose telemetry on the UART0/2 port when the USB cable is disconnected?



  • Is APM aware of the wind speed and direction?

    Does it compensate it somehow? (Not crosstrack.) 

  • Hi,

    Have there been any updates to the camera mount code in this release? I know work was being done on it to potentially be released in this version.


  • Hi Tridgell !

    There was a critical bug in the previous version (2.33), that when landing option is selected for a particular waypoint which is say close to home, the Arduplane will move toward this waypoint unpowered irrespective of wether the plane reached the home, or still behnd that or even have crossed that landing waypoing by several hundered meters.

    I observed this many many times. If the plane is yet to reach the landing waypoint and if the altitude it has came down to is low then the plane will land there, not bothered about that he has not reached the landing waypoint.

    And if the plane is heading unpowered, toward a landing waypoint and while the waypoint reached its altitude was still high, the Arduplane 2.33 will still not bother and continue to move ahead, and may go several hundred meters away from that landing waypoint.

    Has this been taken care  in 2.34 ?

  • I mentioned in another thread a few odd behaviors I noticed.  Maybe I can list them here as feature requests...

    When the plane is inverted it seems like it's trying to use the elevator to loop back upright.  This isn't the best way to recover from being upside down.  It would be better to roll out of the inverted position.

    It also thrashes the rudder one way or another and/or back and forth when inverted.

    I didn't have the wing on when I discovered this, so maybe I'm off-base here.

  • Great work Tridge!

    Shameless feature request: Could you add a firmware update via telemetry option?

    It's a pain to pull my APM and the oddball connector they used is always getting lost anyways.  Hopefully APM3 uses a standard mini-B USB connector.

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