Arduplane Quadplane multiple take-off mission not working for me.


we have been using Arduplane v3.8.4 and v3.8.3 on a number of Quadplanes using most of the features including stability assist and forward motor hold support which has worked really well. It is a really fantastic development and a joy to fly every time.

I wanted to see if anybody had managed to do a mission with multiple land and take-off successfully to see if I have set something incorrectly.

We have  Land_disarmdelay parameter set to 0

We created a mission to

VTOL take-off 30 ( take off to 30m)

Do_transition 3 ( stay in hover )

Waypoint  (move to waypoint)

VTOL Land 0 ( land in VTOL mode alt 0 )

DO_setservo 6 1800   (trigger a grabber)

VTOL take-off  30 ( take off to 30m) 

Do_setservo 6 1500 ( set grabber neutral)

Do_transition 3 (stay in hover )

Waypoint  (move to waypoint)

VTOL Land 0 ( land in VTOL mode )

When we switch the plane to auto, it takes off  and flys to the 1st waypoint then lands. Unfortunately after the first land the plane disarms after around 5 second on the ground.   So far the logs for the flight can not be downloaded after the flight which is very unusual.  If we arm the plane move the flight surfaces and then disarm the plane we can download the log. 

I would very much appreciate any advice anybody has on what to do next to make it stay armed after the first landing, 



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