What do we do with the arduPPM v2.3.16 file?


I have finished building the drone.  I have a PixHawk, and APM Planner 2 software.

I have not done any of the initialization wizards yet. I was verifying that I have all the correct and stable versions to connect the software to the hardware and get started.

I cam across this firmware ArduPPM v2.3.6 and not able to verify if the APM Planner 2 software I have will initialize with this or will I need to do it again later or do I select the file during the procedure etc.

The version of APM Planner 2 I have is v2.0.8.

I have a Futaba 14sg tx and R7008sb rx.

Secondly, I see alot of people mentioning APM2.6 or 2.5... am I correct in saying these are older systems to the PixHawk and can generally disregard reading about these versions?



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Given you are using a Pixhawk and the R7008sb RX, you have no need for ArduPPM.

ArduPPM is a RX signal encoder for use with the APM 2.X series and any non-PPM/non-SBUS RX's. Given you have neither of those, ArduPPM is not required for your setup.

And yes, APM 2.X is the older series, but do use the same (through cut-down) software that the Pixhawk uses. So most of the software discussions are still applicable.

Thanks Stephen.

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