I've release a new version with an additional 5 parameters for Arducopter:

Added missing Arducopter parameters stab_d, stab_d_s, acro_p, axis_p, axis_enable for a total of 47 parameters. Compatibility with ACM 2.5.3 and APM 2.3.0 
The new release is available here:

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  • I've just finished a bug fix for a nasty Mavlink parameter update issue and added all D parameters.  This will be released tomorrow as Ardustation 2 version 2.0.14. The source code is available now in my Ardustation II git clone.


  • Heino,

    Great, thanks for the update. Do you think it would anyhow be possible to use one of the source code repositories? This would make integrating changes much easier. The easiest way of course would be to put it into the APM git repo but that's already quite full with all the ArduX projects. Then there already seems to exist a Ardustation2 svn repo but svn is so last-year :-) git actually makes life a lot easier.

    I'm asking because I'm integrating the code to my own arduino mega based GCS. I have a different LCD, different button layout, etc, but the functionality is otherwise pretty much the same and so is the code. So it would simplify things a lot to have some kind of code repository, as also with the other ArduX projects.

    Please let me know what you thing. Cheers and Thanks,


  • Heino:


    Thanks for the update loaded the code all peram. load great and all seems to work good will fly with the ardustation fri. for a demo for work using the antena tracker. Very nice work!!


    Here are a couple pics of my ardustation setup.



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