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    Ok here's my final solution to the problem with the buttons not being long enough


    I changed to these buttons, they are exactly the same dimensions except longer.


    They look a bit too long in the picture, however, when I put a spacer to make the LCD flush with the cover, the buttons will be perfect!



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    I think I have another solution.


    If I desolder the exisiting buttons these seem the same size, but longer.  Alternatively I could just cut off some of the button and glue it to the end of my existing buttons as an extension.

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    I've made a similar case, but the buttons aren't long enough so they go through the case and you can press them, did you work out how to address this issue?
  • A bit of a sneak peek at the work going on over in the ArduStation Mega Workspace. This is our current full scale mockup of the case and some of the components...while a long way from finished, I think we are making great progress. Next week I should have some pics up of the graphical blue/white dot matrix screen in action!


  • Nice work Riccardo. where did you get the materials?
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