my problem is a little odd when i connect the ftdi usb cable all is well and working without the xbee

and when i try to connect it to a battery 9v or power supply same voltage 1a nothing is working

no leds no screen nothing. any help would be appreciated!

good day



unit send to diy drones and a replacement was shipped

nothing to say besides

thank you diydrones

for more than great customers service





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letter for diydrones

after buying from you ardustation and and didn't get all the parts! (missing buttons) you send them to me (thank you)

had to pay for shipping again(40 bucks) i assemble it and it worked fine from the ftdi

but didnt work from the power outlet not battery nor power supply my guess a faulty resistor (after getting only half the voltage at pins outputs)

in the way of checking the problem by mistake shorten between the input and the output of the regulator so now i don't know what was damaged.

to make long story short im very unsatisfied from your service after not receiving an answer regarding my email describing the problem (the shortage

coulda not happen if i knew that the problem is smd resistor) so i guess the next time i'll by a cheap replica from china at least that way i know

the parts might be corrupted and the service in chinese

thank you

Where did you send the email describing your problem?

I hope you realize that posts to this thread are NOT considered contacting customer service.


it was sent to --help at 3drobotics dot com--



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