Ardustation values

Hi,what means the Ardustation values and particularly:Waypoint screen,- RSP (it show mainly about 35, what is this?)Navigation (Roll/Pitch) screen,- DALTracking (Is this antenna tracking?),- Dist2D and Dist3D- Angle- Alt (is this the same as the other screen?)- DirThanks!Ric

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    Definitions are here, but the basics are:

    Definitions low rate:
    LAT: Latitude
    LON: Longitude
    SPD: Speed over ground from GPS
    CRT: Climb Rate in M/S
    ALT: Altitude in meters
    ALH: The altitude is trying to hold
    CRS: Course over ground in degrees.
    BER: Bearing is the heading you want to go
    WPN: Waypoint number, where WP0 is home.
    DST: Distance from Waypoint
    BTV: Battery Voltage.
    RSP: Roll setpoint used to debug, (not displayed here).

    Definitions high rate:
    ASP: Airspeed, right now is the raw data.
    TTH: Throttle in 100% the autopilot is applying.
    RLL: Roll in degrees + is right - is left
    PCH: Pitch in degrees
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