• For all of the up to date rules and regulations on UAV's, you can find them here-

  • Could a forum representative comment on any updates related to this question? I am interested in using UAV's for inspecting homes. If I have permission from the home owner/bank to inspect a property do I still need to acquire a commercial license?
  • This may get better.
    From an FAA commentary on COAs and SACs:
    "However, this clarification also advised the public that the FAA
    would evaluate alternatives to authorize certain kinds of sUAS
    operations without the above restrictions.
    This evaluation of
    alternatives resulted in the FAA establishing an Aviation
    Rulemaking Committee (ARC) comprised of members from the
    sUAS industry, operators, aviation associations, and other
    government agencies."
    According to the US DOT the NPRM is due in March 2011.
  • 3D Robotics
    For commercial use you need a COA. Very hard to get.
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