Was flying my quad for about the 5th time yesterday with the new latest 3.0.1. It was pretty windy (10-15kts) but after a good 5 minutes of flight in stabilize I put it into loiter. It was great! And with no tuning of the default PIDs! So much better than 2.9 where every now and again it would toilet bowl.

After about 5 minutes in loiter happily maintaining position, it suddenly lurched over in roll as if one motor had cut out. It then recovered but I put it back in to stabilize and as I brought it down to land it did it again.

Changed the battery to a fresh one and after a couple minutes flight it did it again. Decided it was time to land and work out what was going on.

I attach a log from one of the flights. At the end you can see the event and where ThrOut goes up to max??

Anyone got any idea what's going on?

I ran compassmot and got "Interference at full throttle is 123% of mag field". This is obviously really high? Changed the standoffs to longer ones and then got 70%. This is still really high but don't know what else I can do? Is this a possible cause?


Turnigy Talon Carbon Quad
APM 2.5
880Kv Motor AC2836-358
10x45 props
Turnigy nano tech 4500mah 4s 35~70C

Any ideas? Many thanks in advance

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I'm not much help with log files but I can tell you one thing... A mutlicopter with a failing motor or ESC behave exactly as you described.


Thanks for the link. Replaced the ESC and all seems ok now.

Sure! Glad I could help.

Hey - it's been a while now since you posted that is was resolved.  I'm having the same problem on two machines right now and am wondering if the ESC change fixed your issue for good???

Thanks in advance,


Hi Mark,Yes having changed the ESC the problem never happened again. Worth a go I think. Let me know how you get on

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