Aruplane/X-Plane Simulation Problem

I am trying to get my Arduplane working in simulator mode (X-Plane) and am not having much success.

I have a Hitec RC system; a 2.4G Optic6 Tx and an Optima7 Rx.  I have servos attached to the
four control channels.  The system is in manual mode

I carefully go thru all the steps in the instructions and the results are as follows:
    -the simulator software loads successfully with MP,
    -the servos and the MP radio input screen shows all four channels functioning properly
    -the PPM encoder LED flashes rapidly
    -when I start the simulator link, the MP Ardupilot Output data shows the 3 control surfaces almost
    at maximum deflection in one direction.  Only the throttle channel functions properly
    -the PT-60 X-Plane model shows corresponding full control surface deflections
    while sitting on the runway.  

Can anyone suggest what is wrong?


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  • Hi Fred,

    I had the same problem a while back and my fix was,

    1       Do a full reset on the APM

    2:      Do the Radio Setup

    3:      Make sure all RC channels have RCx_Rev set to 1 not -1 (should not matter but in my setup it does.

    4:       Save a config file as default,parm

    5:       Write config to APM

    6:       Reload the default.parm file and write it to the APM.again.

    Worked for me I hope it works for you.


    Ockhams Barber

    Save the config file as default.parm

  • 3D Robotics

    Which version of X-Plane are you using? We only support 9.x

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