Hello i have read so much that i had to try to have my Quad also!! I have search on Ebay for the parts and start to put all this to one "Flying Quad". I´m gonna use my old APM2 with the Arducopter 2.8.1 on it. Missing the sonar i know...So far this are the spects:

4X 2212-13 Brushless Motor 1000KV 150watts,MultiCopter

ATG L600 X4 Fiber glass Folding Frame Quadcopter Multicopter

ABS Black Cover for ATG/Xaircraft Quadcopter Hexcopter

3DR Radio Telemetry Kit - 433mhz

4X 20A 19G Hobbywing SKYWALKE Brushless speed controller ESC

4X Carbon Nylon 10x4.5" 1045 1045R CW CCW Propeller,Multi-Copter

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Just a question regarding the red ligh next to blue GPS led, is there a way to solder or atach a led that could be visible from outside the cowl??

Today i have loaded again the 2.8.1 to see if i may have made some mistake in the first time and went to test it..... BIG ZERO!!! 

Can some one please confirm this: when we move the right stick how many engines respond to that?

I have an X configuration and when i move the sticks after all the engines are running only one gives more power, is this the correct way?

BTW i have this picture that shows what motor gives more power when i move the right stick... is this correct??

Another thing i have discovered id that when i pull up the left stick the quad gets back to me and when i pull the same stick down it goes to the front....isent this reversed?? is there a way to test if i have this correc or  not?

Please someone!!!!...

THANKS TO ALL FOR NOTHING! Just moved to basic KK Board!

Hi Luis,

First of all, I am sorry for your unsuccessful request and I can't help you with this topic because I have no experience about it.

In fact, I write you because I am looking for my first quadcopter and I am interested in the same model that you have (ATG L600 X4). I wonder how is your experience with it?, if you still have it, and if finally could you get the right setup of APM ? (I will try it)

I would like to use it just for fpv and maybe with a small digital camera (canon A3300, about 200 g) plus battery as maximum payload. I have planned to set it up with 4 x 2216 kv800 and a 3S 5000 mha, hope enough power and capacity for at least 10 minute flight.


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