I am working with the ATMega168 version of Ardupilot (s/w version 2.1.2). I believe this configuration can support the airspeed sensor but am not 100% sure of this. I know that digital pin 8 must be connected to MUX IN 3 but where would the signal line from the sensor be connected?
Can anyone help?

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Yes, the 168 board can support the airspeed sensor w/ 2.1 The easiest thing is to get the shield, with the sensor built it. That will handle the connections for you.
on order. thanks Chris
Chris: I would like to use the airspeed sensor in an automotive application. Does it output 0-5v scaleable to airspeed? Is Vcc supply 12vdc? What is the socket designator for the sensor itself? Please advise. Thanks.
The math for converting diff pressure to speed requires a microprocessor, and is published in various places.
VCC is generally 2-5.5 vdc. You'll need a 5v reg which you can pick up at radio shack.
The "socket" for this model is a surface mount pad - it may be available in the sparkfun eagle library.

I would take from your questions that this will be a learning experience for you. You might start with the Arduino project - which will accept 12volts. You have left out what you want to do with the output signal, and any advice would require a consideration of what you a trying to do with the information. That said, your question might find a more suitable home in the Arduino project, which covers the use of Arduino in a more general context.

Best regards.
I would be using the airspeed data for exploring aerodynamics on my Datsun 240Z. I will be getting a data acquistion system and it can accomodate a 0-5vdc input. Just want to know relatively how and where the air is flowing the most at speed for cooling and aero purposes. I will explore the Arduino project per your recommendation. Thanks much.

Rolland Sicard

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