Attopilot 90A with the APM2.5 - How to wire it?

I want to power the input side of my APM 2.5 with 10A bec.  I also want to use a 90A Attopilot to monitor current and voltage.

I have it set up very similar to my APM 2.0 and have used the same pins as for APM 2.0, A1 A2 for the voltage current.

I have checked the settings in MP and A1 and A2 are selected appropriately.

I do not get any current readings though. I have set up properly in MP for the Attopilot.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

I have JP1 removed, and power output rail with a separate BEC.

Am I doing all this right?  Maybe my Attopilot is not working?

I have pretty much the same setup with a APM2.0 and I have no problems with it.

Does anyone have a working setup similar to what I am trying to do? 

Maybe I have to use the Power module with APM 2.5 to get voltage current?


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  • Yep that was it.. I didn't even think about that until I was looking very closely at the board through a scope..  then I saw "in" and Out and thought, oh crap, I did it backwards..  Sometimes I just make life hard on me.. haha.. thanks for all your help..

    Maybe somebody will learn from my mistake..

  • okay I found the problem... hardware failure...

    But does anyone know what the missing component is and whether I could replace it with a "std size" component that I could possibly solder in place?

    any thoughts?

    here is a datasheet for the this.. It doesn't help me, but maybe someone here can use it to figure out what component I need?

  • Developer
    Do you get voltage? Can you measure the output on I sense using a multimeter? What values do you get?

    There's a offset that can be set if required. See

    You don't need the power module.
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