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I've been trying to contact Dean at attopilot for over a month now but to no avail. Are attopilot units still on sale? I've seen here at DIY that an IMU based attopilot may be coming out in the future. Does anyone know any resolution on that release?Any help would be appreciated as I think attopilot is the right autopilot for my project.

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  • Hello, I have an Atto pilot in a wing that is all dialed in and ready to go if you are interested in a full package, minus a me at if so....thanks, Sean

  • has the atto in stock

  • We have 3.0 IMU systems in stock and for sale. Please contact




    Chris McNair

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    Dean's transitioning between autopilots, but I think he's still selling 1.8 (in the US). Did you go through the order form?
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    It depends on what you want to do, but EasyUAV with IMU autopilot is available immediately.
    It was flown for around 18 months already.

    The philosophy differs, however.
    FLEXIPILOT was designed to 'get most of a few specific platforms all weather all the time' while Attopilot approach appears to be 'can fly anything you put on the table'.
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    Maybe you already know about this ning network for attopilot.
    Here it is attopilot network
    I'm sure Gary can help you out.
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