AttoPilot Voltage and Current Sense or other options that are pre-wired?


Total Pixhawk noob here.
I have just completed building my first pixhawk controlled hexicopter, the DJI S900. I am looking at building several more of these in the near future and I am looking to make them come together as quickly and as easy as possible. 

I am running 6S so I used the 180A  AttoPilot Voltage and Current Sense Breakout and a separate BEC to power the board.
I am looking to reduce soldering time, does anyone sell these pre wired. Even better pre wired with a BEC? I have found a unit like this but I would prefer someone to confirm their quality before using one. Anyone?
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
PS. Any word on the 3DR Power Module accepting 6s? Seems they are kind of asleep at the wheel on a pretty simply part...????

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